Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 Lyrics (Lamentations)

there is a law it
patrols the invisible
is dark outside

like on a mountain path
or no not that no
was ash and creaking

throat signals


there are comets as
we decipher them
as law or radio

as in Richard Branson
in orbit in negative
time embers creaking

as then the cities burn
as ash as simple figures
as the sky is an insult

constellations no longer intact


name this city

it is a bone it is
our bones creak
as pearl fire will

split nets of streets
or bone it is
no emergency

pearls & Thomas Muntzer
have never not been alive


hunter said...

when is yr new book gonna be available?

Sean Bonney said...

not sure. there'll be a selected coming out next year, hopefully. and a pamphlet of a few of the recent letters soon.

the actual letters book is on hold, cos I don't know when I'll finish em.