Sunday, July 30, 2006

Symptoms of ruin. Vast buildings. Several, one on top of the other, appartments, rooms, some temples, galleries, lanterns, stairways, fountains, viewpoints, statues. Fissures and cracks. Dampness resulting from a resevoir situated near the sky. How to warn peoples and nations? let us whisper warnings into the ears of the most intelligent.

High up, a column cracks and its two ends are displaced. Nothing has collapsed as yet. I can no longer find the way out. I go down, then climb back up. A labyrinth tower. I never succeeded in leaving. I live forever in a building on the point of collapsing, a building undermined by a secret malady - I work out in my mind, to amuse myself, if such a prodigious mass of stones, marbles, statues, walls, which are about to collide with each other, will be greatly sullied by that multitude of brains, human flesh and shattered bones - I see such terrible things in my dreams that sometimes I wish I could sleep no more, if I could be sure not to be so weary.

- Charles Baudelaire.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006