Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nudes Set 1


The Editors said...

I like these Sean, it be good to see the other ones you have said you have not uploaded yet, i'll pop round after the portfolio is a distant memory. But I must say it is high time you added Openned and to your links!

I'm sure you are going to put me in my place for demanding this, but i felt most strongly i had to protest in the firmest of manners.


Sean Bonney said...

Oi Steve, I only ever respond to demands when I'm being threatened with prison. you know that.

Jo Lindsay Walton said...

fuck it, start a prison, do it

you already have blog and site and forum and the evenings; call it (O)PENNED like that

"oooh, the (O)PENNED prison! wouldn't want to go there!"

Sean Bonney said...

(o) penned prison - sounds ok. especially the showers. I'm assuming its gonna be a mixed setup, yeh?

Jo Lindsay Walton said...

aye man and toad all in it together

The Editors said...

As a late entry to this conversation, unaware of its exciting developments: the (O)PENNED prison exists and is flourishing.
We do tours every weekend, if you fancy it I can guide you round this weekend?

Steve from Slovenia
you guys better come to the night, on threat of being locked in the infinity of the (o)