Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Oh dear. Looks like my Baudelaire things are a bit controversial


David-Baptiste Chirot said...

yo sean--
tried writing you at the email i have for you and didnt go through--wanted to doublecheck how to reach you as wanted to write you abt smething i'd like to invite you to be part of--
your baudealire is as we say in my neighborhood "the shit-straight up"-
really incredible & the first really NEW ones done in eons--and the ONLY good ones i have seen in eons!!--and yr readings listened to are great--the sounds get a subterraean london feeling od baudelaire moving abt in the abdononed buildings with you--your "semblable", "frere" very much--a very exceptional book and one of the rare intances of a transaltion via correspsondances i know of--i been going through yr books i have sevral times to write something abt yr work as you're by far one of my favorite poets--its been great to find al the exictement about the book!--i see you also love Free Jazz!--don cherry was a close personal friend and lived with himand his family a number ot times i swden and in nyc--(longisland city)--i have up at my blog four clips if you havent heard already might really like --(not technically speaking Free jazz but--well--a coupleof them pretty Free!--)hoping to hear from you Cher Maitre as the old school say--firing off a many gun salute for you and our friend m baudelaire!--dvaid-bc

Sean Bonney said...

hi david - thanx for that. you can get me at snbonney at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Sean Bonney said...

oops, didn't recognise you there. been meaning to watch all those ayler clips you had on yr blog. translation via correspondances is a good way of putting it, I hadn't thought of that. it keeps coming as well, baudelaire stalking the ruins of hackney, as they flatten it getting ready for the olympics. gah. send us some more stuff for the bulletin.

Vidar Thorsteinsson said...

Hello Sean. Reykjavík calling. Can you please drop me a line to vidart@hive.is -- it's about Nyhil's 3rd International Poetry Festival. Kind regards, Vidar Thorsteinsson

Chris Paul said...

This comment made me laugh. "these poems are illegible". Maybe, to a point, but they are a lot more readable than lots of what passes itself of as contemporary poetry.
What I find interesting is that Tim Atkin´s translations of Horace, also on onedit, attract no-where near the ire even though they are also rather "unfaithful" to the original. I am not sure if this is because they are ´legible´or becasue they are funny.
Either way it is amazing that visual poetry still makes some people skip a beat. What provokes the controversy it seems is not literary unfaithfulness, but the alteration of how the surface is percieved.