Friday, May 23, 2008

Commons 19 - 24

& etc.
“eclipse, as they were - “
as their favourite line
performs no rite
utters no spell
possesses no medicines
images, poisons, etc:
“she got him up upon her back
carried him to an earthen lake”
ok, who are they?
- sobriety, pronounced -
o knowledge,
mere sophistication & wicked abuse,
census & the police computer.

ok, say that again -
the effect is immediate -
no fuss, no bother,
the wind shall blow for evermore:
moan, now
on his white bones
his intolerable name.
He is the man or woman
sitting beside you,
bitter & false & snapped
inside every nation
such hawks & hounds, such ravens
o bitter statistics
the cuckoo is a pretty bird

“yes I wasted my life
on trivialities,
justice, for example,
the pulse of the cities
varied magnetism,
flickers of aged scales,
words shuddered
& the reverie
is a solid thing
burst inside its price
its rainfall, its trembling
hatred is so gentle,
forgive me if I shatter
inside your threads of sleep”

Of gorgeous magnetic fiends
even the memory is blocked:
history’s shadow stalks us
call it the net of
the idea is simple
& permanently freakish:
to live outside of servitude
the confidence & cowardice
of those who force us
into fiction, difficult & locked.
But the scorn we feel
night of the living dead
all else is annoyance & avarice.

In this one night hotel
we’ve got, you know
the poem -
calculated & horrible,
& swinging low (o sweet,
with a ribbon in my hair,
a coffin in his throat,
a black boat gliding slow:
everything I need, the
city scorched, in flattering tides
we’ve got, you know, the poem
glides in slow:
a bitter scream inside this night

but I’ve got a magazine
does all that stuff for me /
& water made from flower & soot.
ok, forget that, the town is
a fortress, not
a landscape, not
a cosmos or a
HEXEN, nah -
as sobriety,
bitter events in its memory /
credit, zombies & clowns,

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