Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The "Commons" 2 // 10 - 11

meanwhile, back in ‘british poetry’
dutiful saline monarchy / like
voice it, here’s a burnt person
ringing, puking out its decades
its phenytoin pit / sorry but
its not my fucking landscape
my sweet non-cognitive pal, yeh
beautiful / o functions, careering
most things / cars, heads / o ‘you’,
- cough -
finance recommends / speaking pills,
someone’s city in pretty flames
- cough -
‘birds’ / ‘nice sanction’ / ‘nice decade’

& then there's the side effects -
for starters the skin spreads,
sidesteps the brain dutifully
bends to its own symbolic self
redistributed / knotted / closing
its vision canal, entryway to
doctor or cop or whatever
the prescription parses you
diagonally, & you feel it
as barricades / internalised
masked up / sloganised
a lawful voice on distort gap
in the housing alphabet, a
public service / description

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