Monday, April 06, 2009

Provisional reading list / ACADEMY OF OPPOSITIONAL POETICS (Beginners Theory Course)

Karl Marx /// The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte / CAPITAL / 1844 Manuscripts
Walter Benjamin /// Critique of Violence / On the Philosophy of History
HEX ENDUCTION HOUR (The Fall) and/or FUCK DE BOERRE (Peter Brotzmann) to be listened to only while reading ROSA LUXEMBURG /// The Accumulation of Capital
BAKUNIN /// Letters to a Frenchman, to be read in conjunction with RIMBAUD'S Lettre du Voyant
Theodor Adorno /// Minima Moralia
Ulrike Meinhoff et al /// The Urban Guerilla Concept, to be read alongside FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA's The Duende: Theory & Divertissment
Frantz Fanon /// The Wretched of the Earth, to be read while listening to Diamanda Galas' WILD WOMEN WITH STEAK-KNIVES and/or Victoria Spivey's Bloodthirsty Blues
The poetry of LOLA RIDGE & Hegel's SMALLER LOGIC /// to be read SIMULTANEOUSLY

further suggestions welcome . . . .


jeff hilson said...

where are the nob gags?

Sean Bonney said...

In the Adorno, of course . . . .

L/R said...

Like this one?

"Before the eighty-fifth birthday of a man well provided for in every respect, I asked myself in a dream what I could get him to cause him real pleasure, and at once answered my own question: a guide to the realm of the dead."

- Minima Moralia #122, 'Monograms'.

Dripping with innuendo. All it needs is some inverted commas.