Wednesday, March 27, 2013

after Rimbaud: A Foodstamp for the Palace

For sale. Everything the management dictated. Celestial dirt and the western scale.

The victory of the sailors at Kronstadt. The victory of the miners at Orgreave.

For sale. The odour of sanctity. Fictional factories. Special discounts on bossnappings, modern landlords  and the seekers of lice.

For sale. Top people of all descriptions. Chewing lice, sucking lice, bird-lice. The victory of the rioters at Poundland. Ed Miliband fucked by lice. Cameron as nightingale, wrapped in wire and torched.

For sale. The defect in the law and the dream deferred. All financial metaphors inverted. You will only starve when we tell you. An infrageography of microtomes and tactical spectrums.

For sale. The gospel of saving and abstinence. The victory of the Mau Mau at St James’ Palace.

Everything must go. The unspoken fantasies of electrical wire. 3000 subspecies of electrical lice. Sudden harmony and affliction. The corrosive victory of the unemployed. A car-bomb for the DWP. Exit wounds for specified customers only.

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