Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Notes on Baudelaire (2)

(((8))) --- we left this morning in lamplight, vice etc. meanwhile, the pronoun cluster is having a hard time: it does not proliferate but instead devours memory cells & crackles & maybe whispers. it is a screen against stimuli. translate that as the ATM machine we are squirting through - our encampment, our tiny poems. it is indecent to speak of these private events / we are held inside / 500 cameras / daily / money is memory, & absolutely involuntary. it is our second sight, it is our means of burns & loans.

(((9))) --- there is a lyric I in these poems & it is annoyed by efforts to destroy it. the I has become an interferer, an inconvenience, a potential parasite within the clean capitalist body. in central London there is a taboo against using the word LIPS . . .

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