Sunday, January 28, 2007

my financial body
is a length
of greased rope
hooked inside love
as the most useful
style of spasm
floods milk
is seizured
largely political holes
will perform for money


it’s 10.00 in London
New York & Beirut
which gives you the idea
last night I was a slight &
infected string or circle
inside another person’s
memory twitches in sleep
still largely closed to ‘me’
where ‘m’ punctures ‘e’
below a surge of talk
on how this singular
& infinitely dense ball
would boil & pop
the pronoun cluster is jagged
as ink on the atlas
of time’s collected hysteria


permit only
will keep each
seizure is
a gated community
as ‘I’, would
reproduce digits
in the mouth a
ring of sound the
head makes, glowing
as love is a set
contains hostility
& the sun’s
blind & conformist
aura split
in free dissociation
from this somewhat
limited personality
coughs nervously

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Jo Lindsay Walton said...

squatbucks is my favourite chainsmoking

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