Sunday, March 08, 2009

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Thanks to everyone who turned out for Paul's fundraiser Thursday nite // lots of fun, lots of great poetry & music, a bookstall kindly provided by Mr Alan Halsey and others //we raised quite a lot of cash, which Paul promises to spend on his 'research' // yeh // & there's a whole bunch of photos from the nite over here

was given a few presents // Jeff Hilson's new Bird Bird, finally available from Landfill Press, is a very beautiful thing // & a couple of mags, Klatch (available I think from the Openned Site) and the new Axolotl, which can be had from Luke Roberts, who lives in axolotlmagazine (at) gmail (dot) com // both of these are great, goodlooking lo-fi staple in tha corner things // you know, stuff the Blairite corporate business-school-of-poetry tendency would never understand // haha // but if you wanna know whats REALLY going on in, ahem, 'british' 'poetry' then these are the things you'll wanna get // engines! scales! antennae! //


The Editors said...

unlike Openned for once, you can not get it from the website yet, maybe in the next few months a pdf might appear.

The contributers for the first Klatch were:

Anna Ticehurst
Becky Cremin
Alex Davies
Marcus Slease
Lydia White
Johanna Linslay
Steve Willey
Luke Roberts
Karen Sandhu
Jim Goar
Amy De'Ath
Graeme Estry
Richard Barrett

If you want a copy, you have to find one of the poets and ask them for one. Most will expect a magazine or some poetry in return, most will not except money as a method of exchange. Some copies of the first Issue will be floating around at the Openned Reading Series on the 25th. Come down, print a magazine and get involved.


Sean Bonney said...
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