Friday, August 28, 2009

The Commons set 3 // 8 - 9

so we were buying weapons
ok / lets start that again -
on public transport, it happened
we were sitting opposite
bullets / chemistry / glass
we were separated. inside
what we once were. & they
were sitting opposite, empirical
& scared. they were scared
of us / our charts & remorse
no-one knows / we were buying
inside their office, the dead
they were scared of us, of
our seven metals / & radar shrike

but as I was out walking
with the strange & bitter men
we were / say it / we were
anxious radar dogs / we were
oblivious swarms, canceled
solvents, polite ones / we were
a confused mass of centuries
seven burning circles / were
electrons / proverbs / molecules
from hand to crackling hand
a fraudulent cosmology
a hole in the ground
I wish london would
like, crack its face / o cuckoo


Simon Howard said...


Love the poems

hope this isn't too long/ tedious

Aubade (o bard. floop zam grimmble mire)

1st thing of the da
y the whisk
y burns in but it ("It") needs to ge
t the da

(nobodaddy) y going. Also to wash hair shav
e beard so the wor
ld thinks the wordy worldly is

then breakFast for
ce feed some down. it ha
s been here before deep doppelgänger in a bottle
battle. when the cornflower

eyes went away.
gets better as the day goes o
n. zoom zap zippity dada
she (with the softest hair the gentlest thoughts + the sweet nutbrown brea

sts) "posed" for 'photos in soho (london) in the 80s. the ver
iterable stupid thing was another cared for thi
s (entity/sensate ob/abject) and kept telling this/it a ba
d thing was s. but she was

not. she was a wonder.
oh a wander. that voice. that dreamy way of saying
loved you so

my s. still do. & if i could sail away
with you, i would.
in my arms again. and the small
rain christ

ing down. until the sun comes up.
ablaze in glor
y & all the folly of the uni
verse resolves.


Simon Howard said...
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Sean Bonney said...

hey / thats pretty cool. what happened to the second one?

Simon Howard said...



The 2nd one got lost. I have poor eyesight these days, after an accident awhile ago.

O what a narrative of woe (smiley icon thing), So i find this blog/txt size (even magnified) hard to read.

Here is a bit more.

Hope it works

kong liar

if an
yone wants a
poem the night air is good
chill tongues of fire
of sick of it keep on go
ing on. course
of. idiocy. in its birdie
cage. so on.
shut up (the cage the rat
abusive social foll
y holdall
dream of a nice holiday in a cold
el. chill tongues
will the motor
tumbrils never shut the
up? out
side. in the (relativ
e silk


letsberational ubu
the enemy are out the
re. not in
listen. silence is silen
t now. listen.
traffic of every type won't sto
p out
here/there. there are simple words &
less. i've poor sight eye don't want
to wake the una
wake. make's no
past midnight not a
soul onin
a placelesloss,
needles and reeds and
absurdist thames. it lows
f you know?
oh and the police sirens are going strap
pipe us to our masts. wonder who they are in pursuance a prayer. amen. of?


osmotic fellucas often
meliorate the transmigration of owls.
that’s the way it is in glorkland.
some time the
y let their owls/oars dropdrip +
drift. that’s a good way to sway
arrive. he who does not for
get his first love will not recognise his last
david burliuk, alexander kruchenykh, vladmir may
akovsky, victor khlebnikov 9teen seventee
n we order that the poets’ rights be revered:

* To enlarge the scope of the poet’s vocabulary with
arbitrary and derivative words (word-novelty).
* To feel an insurmountable hatred
for the language existing before their time.
* To push with horror off their proud brow the wreath of cheap
bathhouse switches.
* To stand on the rock of the word “we” amidst the sea of boos
and outrage.

osmotic fellucas infinitely meliorate
the transmigration of owls

You can contact me via (PM) if you wish.

All the best,