Sunday, August 15, 2010

after Rimbaud (from the department)

from the English I inherit my love of alcohol, idiocy and violence -
but I do not share their closed borders, their bureaucratic exterior -

election day. terminal. a cluster of predecessors in the language
i.e. cells of racist light, in verbs, tumbling
Belgravia or something, an adverb
think of adjectives as refugees. you just shot em: here is a style guide -

(e) a deficit line -
(a) negates the interruption of the speaking I -
(u) a system of collective thought -
(i) unable / unwilling to find work -
(o) beyond a certain tenancy of stoic disdain -

I entered first. Target A was standing by the table
I hit him with the shield. Pinned Target to floor
I was foul and fair, would sleep in utter music

the bulletins, consist entirely of nerves
or harmony, pure infection of thought

we entered a respectful half-light, the names, we had achieved
glue and murder / or we were images, monuments, gospels

& in very obvious nitrates / from the English I inherit
my mean & bitter divisions, my very grievous hail -

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