Friday, September 03, 2010

from the department (after Rimbaud)

> white tonal light < to never be get
outside of its value theories of
transmission noise > as in / listen

Target A, the holding centre < it
was an hunger strike, or listen
I abhor my country < as property

or lesion / will screw his mouth
on later < a verb, a specific rivet
of time > an enemy, non-abstract

as < we deceived him, screwed his
as failure > as in one specific body
as high feed frequency ringing tone


Target A was, as to be expected
inside a mouth that / hates me -
o shit (poetically) > the whites are

have been come, already / I could
never to speak out of this wind
its errors: set years unfolding, as

basic errors regarding static, wd
only to sit into a century, wraiths
of compressed event > Target A

his mouth riven to / somewhere
the signal returned to normal, dis-
relish writhed within our jaws

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