Sunday, March 13, 2011

communique - (after Rimbaud)

but, if commodities could speak > their
imaginary friends grabbed your arm, their
barren life > is as simple as blossom, as a
musical phrase < beautiful as driving nails
deep in the skull of William Hague, that
vicious pink < imagine cultivating warts
as if commodities could speak > or fired
lived bullets & teargas, as crackling words
encircled the last of the liberated cities
or the fierce buzzing of flies > but anyway
imagine commodities could think, their
scraping hands on your sleeve > musical
beams of love < barren, respected life

1 comment:

XXX said...

Its got a stiring subversive quality, tones of emancpation/ alienation, + the form is deceptively postmodern, which is undermined by its content (for the better). I really like this one, many thanks.