Sunday, March 27, 2011

communique - (after Rimbaud)

anyway > how exactly does ammonia
does it get into a lightbulb / tell me
before the universe > that phony
paymaster i.e bailiff > it disrupts us
our ring of clicking seconds < is each
encircled // ring of cops & piss roses
it is a plague: & yet to smash the Ritz
is tactics etc < in epileptic time, was
fucked up by a non-violent majority
as in government department, lit up
tossed into the crowd / and implodes
in moth stutter < blame that, my tiny
crowd of wages:: a bone flutter, fuse
inserted < is lock universe, just kill it

“what I write at this moment in a cell at the Fort du Taureau I have written and shall write throughout all eternity - at a table, with a pen, clothed as I am now, in circumstances like these” - Blanqui, 1872

1 comment:

Nat Raha said...

hell yes.

went down piccadilly by bus today. it still reeks of saturday's direct action. people trying to 'enjoy' luxury whilst the whole idea of luxury is being ridiculed. the ritz seems terrorized, & the hsbc at cambridge circus looks like the joke the banking system already is.