Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Commons 2 // 35 - 36

it may be distressing
this learning / but may
but can I assure you
we have taken steps
that some laws are disks
are written / on the face
of the dead / inside
echoes / or fraudsters
bright magnetic residents
your personal details
written in red / but may
that we have identified
you are crows, curses
yours sincerely, your

listen / recent research
your city is quite simply
incomprehensibly glittering
-we know its distressing -
- all / fun / people -
due to the nature of
- a thermal pulse -
incomprehensibly / hey,
did you bring me the silver?
did you bring me the gold?
- sorry, we meant to say -
recent research suggests
- a burning ring of -
respectfully, a gallows pole

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