Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Commons 2 // 37-39

there is no one way
to pay it back
i.e. the ‘rich’
that union of familiar
finitely familiar crackles:
the planet crumbles
inside them
the structure of torture
the purpose of
torture is
to enter the language
a provincial street
a biological decision
the enemy citadel

or perhaps just exchange
words / ‘why’, ‘ok’,
say the word ‘number’
ha / say ‘why’
the word ‘interrogate’
the word ‘disrupt’
sounds like
'here’s a pill for your'
-rogues & bandits-
but obviously, what we
-night / animals / work-
-police / crime / magic-
but obviously, what we
in the privacy of our

in the privacy of our
careers / we are eating
zombies, livid ones
oh I don’t wanna
oh I don’t / 'friends'
but, 'haunting europe'
- music / movies / games -
bright magnetic streets
our ancestors are
like safe now.
ok, forget that
o burnt frequency
the dead, so brightly
digging up the dead


Simon Howard said...

Sean: I've been following 'The Commons' closely.

Fantastic (phantasticall) poem. Thanks,


Sean Bonney said...

Thank you very much Simon, nice to be appreciated