Friday, May 22, 2009

The Commons 2 (concluded)

we are geometric problems
in the slots of loveliness
magnetic cores, for example
there goes Thatcher again
inside what I was
ancient & elementary
slaughter the fascist BNP
I know, its obvious
to live in it like a language
that whistling, the law
in the privacy of our
threshold values, this serenity
- you know -
inside the hysteresis loop

"you have now reached
to put into practice
the knowledge you
you have acquired ghosts
in short, are ready
work / crime / magic
secret history number
the properties of ideas
put into ourselves
sorry, local residents
this is how you talk
the body’s acoustics
structurally / tearing
your playhouse down"


Jo Lindsay Walton said...

p/us b/oody brava xx

Jonathan Venables said...

hey Sean..
stumbled across yer blog..nice.
hope yer well..
discovered lost artifacts and fragments from a life time past. A note you left to tell me you had been evicted and that Yog was dead.. wow.. I remember that old dog in Forest Fields.. funny how old sketch books and internet searches can collide.

Its been too long...



Peckham in Furs said...

Blimey! you don't half get stuff done. That Paul hasn't written for an age, the lazy sod.

Really like the artwork, would like to see in the real, flesh paper.