Saturday, February 28, 2009

Readings in March

ok / got a few readings coming up in MARCH. tomorrow (Sunday) I'm in Brighton doing stuff for Desperate For Love at the Kommedia //// following THURSDAY 5th its tha POST-CARCERAL PAUL PARTY with a cast of millions (line-up to be announced here on Monday, probably). This at the Leather Exchange, nr London Bridge. THEN, March 10th, I'm reading at the famous KLINKER, new venue is Tottenham Chances, 399 High Road /// finally, I'm on at the next OPENNED, on the 25th // POSTER ABOVE // this is an OLD poster, the TBA is now to be read as KESTON SUTHERLAND // hooray /////// right, after all that I'll be knackered. BUT, will have just enuff energy for an ARMED ASSAULT on the POETRY CAFE, that palace of MILITANT MEDIOCRITY, FRAUDULENT BOURGEOIS BULLSHIT and FUCKING AWFUL QUICHE/// I've applied for an arts council grant and everything . . . .

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Commons 2 // 28-29

& the sun -
stupid & ludic -
with biting -
in eerie -
tides -
we’ve got -
sorry -
a medium -
dog language -
police earth -
the monarchy -
intersected -
bitter chromatic streets -
bottomless stunned colours -

our sobriety -
cowardice of english numbers -
black & burning pearls -
the philosopher’s / scream -
have your say, o burnt scholarly -
dead inside their houses -
transformed into principles -
our sobriety -
singing like violence -
cold & magnetic, stupid -
our curses -
in thrushes -
have your say, gordon brown -
my little cell -

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Commons 2 // 26-27

but -
I’m elizabeth windsor -
trickling -
drops of words -
intelligence -
functions image ringing-
functions your ‘you -
my mouth -
brain dogs -
my method is -
credit -
history extracted -
your content -
be hurt, devil -

sobriety -
knives & sobriety -
on heretic discount -
like, detourned gold -
that hot sweet ocean -
long hounds of capital -
ok, bare normality -
benefit thief -
o pretty frock -
such tides, shimmering -
the doors of the crack’d -
singing like violence -
revolving -
where my wits were -

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Commons 2 // 25

my angle -
the average serene -
in house -
o dog voice -
the border -
gasoline conductor -
sends doves -
like gnawed dinner -
frost & pearl -
the police roads -
still ringing -
out of town -
devoured -
lets -

The Commons 2 // 22-24 (Hermetic Love)

serene in the fields, like flowers
doing our tax returns / listen
these ringing geometric gaps
have forked our voice, these
-o, cancelled-
anyway, lets imagine seven doves
encircle your speaking, lets unload
frost & pearl & grief, bitter
as seven ringtones circle, your
like 'all hell', your name has gnawed
- shut up -
a ringing conducting medium
invisibility / amassed at the border
my cupid heart is shattered

"my work takes me out of town"
-they're all dead in their houses-
o dog inside my voice, inside
distorted frequencies, wild cell
where our love sits troubled
& described / but they're still dead
"my work" / o bright gasoline, my
lawful voice. Flap your knees apart
or, if you like, your brittle mouth
-symbolic lilies & warm foam-
to live in these charred places
walls of grief will devour us
dreams & faces / distorted roads

hello, sweet & distant voice
my decrepit moon & law /
you know, from this angle
the average british landlord
with his non-existent numbers
his voltage & his arson / typically
on simple 'nice person' circuits
goes to dinner most days
sends doves through the post
is, at least, a very good fuck
this is where I scream
the police lines between us
have raised a thicket of beetles

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Commons 2 // 21

yeh well, please don’t say
our lives are defeated
just don’t / meanwhile
in the past, like in all bright
slogans, they are building
spaceships / ok, sorry
- surveillance is empathy -
‘nice dog’ / ‘nice dad’
‘lets all do the’ / o how I love
your language, & lie in it
with all my bare-arsed money
- call the scum hotline now -
‘I laugh when they weep’
‘I weep when they laugh’

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Commons 2 // 20

anyway, its not like I'm ill
when I speak / o 'you'
- cold & impersonal -
the cities were built for
wait a minute. no. not 'you'
- nice voice nice sun -
element of necessary terror
'pills' / audible persons ringing
stare at me like a stranger
knotted, o functions shimmering
I use only the driest language
bursts like its interruptions
here is the gravity I vandalised
take it / recognises 'you'

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Commons 2 // 19

so what, I wasn’t talking
for ‘you’, o functions.
This is how we speak
to our fathers / with lawful
description, they are audible
persons, listen
this is what they taught me,
here are decades, rats that snarl
in clear & ancient taxes
- simple familiar sentiments -
o scroungers, o gasoline
there’s a home for you here
there’s a room for your things
me, I like pills / o hell.

Monday, February 02, 2009