Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm not usually one for harping on about reviews of my shit, but the list of adjectives to be found
  • in this place
  • is sort of perceptive.

    Farcical, crabby, lunatic, black, ironic, absurd, sarcastic, mocking, parodic, satirical, sardonic, bitter, caustic, cheeky, ludicrous, cynical, excessive, audacious, ornery, blunt, misanthropic, derisory, paranoid, gleeful, disdainful, brutal, scornful, facetious, droll, witty, sneering, crisp, impossible, pessimistic, Eeyoreish, contemptuous, contemptible, cartoonish, unfair, hyperbolic, wry, arch, sceptical, acerbic, narcissistic, self-deprecating, incredulous, baffled, idiotic, inappropriate, spastic, aporetic, twisted, paradoxical, disparaging, bathetic, mad, adamant, and violent.

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