Saturday, February 23, 2008

Regicidal Spasm, ie Jetlag

Ay up loyal readers. Am back in England. If anyone can give me a reason why I should stay in this fuckwad of a country I'd be very interested to hear it.


dfb said...

becasue it's the same everywhere - it's the times not the country sean - and at least neither of us lives where the government is shooting people in the streets

Chris Paul said...

only it isn't the same everywhere- britain is more and more cuntish with every passing season, and to think we sniff and frown at the 3rd world.

you are not suggesting we should be grateful to New Labour for not shooting us down in the streets are you?

dfb said...

where i live i'm grateful the 3rd rate neo-cons cunts aren't setting up camps - they want to - but they still need the tax dollars, and all the "major political partys" are cunts - don't think the uk has cornered the market on asshole governments. i'm too old to care really i'm just grateful that i'm not rasing my kid in a camp