Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There is an unorthodox gramophone . . . .

This is especially for Paul, who was wondering if there were any recordings of Ornette doing Song for Che, but you should all download it cuz its lovely

Ornette Coleman - Song for Che

from Crisis, recorded March 1969 and featuring Ornette Coleman - alto sax; Don Cherry - trumpet; Dewey Redman - tenor sax; Charlie Haden - bass; Denardo Coleman - drums

Went to see The Baader Meinhoff Complex last weekend. Predictably, it was absolute trash, as confusing and contradictory as The Red Army Fraction themselves. But that didn't stop me enjoying it - it was very nice to watch an action movie about a bunch of rather glam revolutionaries offing a load of cops and capitalists, for a change. James Bond can fuck off.

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