Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Commons 2 // 15 - 16

this book has been specially
in clear, non-technical
hordes of palaces, empty
tone controls, a lawful ‘you’
inside your word for ‘gasoline’
peaks in high-frequency
gusts, bright magnetic scroungers
& the bottomless landlord,
viewed from 15 millivolts, bright
slogans of ancient anaglyphs, bright
wow & flutter / I said non-technical
inaudible to all with lawful hearing,
my silent boring dancing,
oh my, my bare arse flashing

we are Elizabeth Windsor
controlled by a centrifugal
motor shaft / sorry, I mean
I have eaten the taxes
you were saving for / and then
I ate the slave / sorry, I
mean my hips were wriggling:
the rest of this letter
has been returned to you,
it is offensive and innapropriate
controlled by a / sorry
even if I am shot dead,
we will remember these moments
so delicious, for example, so

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