Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Commons 2 // 30 - 31

61 wide-eyed numbers
falling out of the sky
sign em, they are your
efforts to find work
help em, they are deaf
but lawful, tumbling
from the slats of the sky
crows, not cuckoos, crows
lepers, evidence, cars
bright magnetic whistling
this is your jobsearch
- friends -
here is the village you ordered
we burned its houses down

you are local resident
alison frost
visiting the forbidden cities /
the graveyard won't hold you
o glittering swarm
of mouths, of everything
whose laws came
smashed together
in this little talk experiment
its loveliness / like laws
in the heads of tyrants
their echoes / local residents
in utter darkness
in gelatine flood

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