Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Commons set 3 // 20 - 24

extract the city, extract virtually
blank songs etc, you know what
into ghosts / as a swarm of mouths
wow & / we were redistributed
of golden, springing speech / bells
& rags / inside this arc of fist
we alphabetic insomniac, in as
how old are you, my scratching
splinter, as in a spore heaven
who here can speak / and in what
flickers of ancient power, reference
you are crows, days / ok, have city
or live in it like was eating us
we bottomless trivials / as

BANG / & our musical duty
like right inside it / its flutter
as in zone-traps, full pyro
as in ex-landscape, is thighs
as decibel in slow retreat
RIGHT our cells & sections
in no underwear / biting &
when I was a country girl
a system town, as blow flatter
(o shit) (like sorry about
& are you / my adjustment
the aged parent, so softly
our non-existent whimpers
eclipse / movement / blast

& the cuckoo, as in
our ring of stilettos
its place / in the song
by now / pure cosmosis
nouns / rearranged
at the border / thin
diagrams / spinning
metal / I’ve played
cards / in england
I’ve played / I’ll
bet you ten dollars
here, in 1917, its
chordal flex, its
thin metal spheres

& the crossroads, yeh
in any case, what we
nah, just kidding, yeh
were never obliged, in
the enemy language, not
not what / daren’t say, as
blocked season, or else
the quartier of perdition
or then there’s, clean
& simple numbers, yeh
gardens / is what / or else
or necessary to lie
our slick & delicate sphere
we middle-class / leaking

or so, that we pulled up
our petticoats / entirely
zombie, & so revolving
drunkeness etc / my gold
my winding sheet / give it
but then again / as bruising
& the border is / where what
we three pretty maids / are
where dreamt a dream / &
troubled in my head / as in
my cosmetic knot, my stranger
I used to whip him with a
where we were the description
my petticoat / but not now, so


Stephen Nelson said...

Hi there,

I'm really quite interested in getting hold of a copy of Cuntomatic, if you can manage it. I'm Stephen and it looks like a very nice book. I'll pay, I'll trade, I'll do almost anything. I have a blog - http://afterlights.blogspot.com. I have a little chapbook of concrete poetry. I love cut up writing. The word cunt thrills me no end. A copy of Cuntomatic would go down spendidly!

Best wishes to you and please give blood.

Stephen (samson70ATblueyonderDOTcoDOTuk)

Sean Bonney said...

Fraid its out of print, has been for some time. Sorry.