Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Commons set 2 / 8-9

the report recommends
rhythmic decades / brightly
scattered in rooms, functions
displaced between ‘cities’
secret heads / where
the law goes squealing
its penalties & sanctions
its negative hells
redistribution of people
doing ‘something’, inside
‘birds’ / audible insertion
of dole pill, ‘privately’,
a roaring in my speaking
later, Mr Brown said

think of a sound / stretch it
extract the ‘I’, extract virtually
everyone / ‘you’, my enemy
phenytoin sodium
controls all warped reels
gaps in the royal alphabet
like ‘fun people’ / their gravity
is perfect, no distortion:
a voice / slipped through mine, a
tone control, silent & fearsome
extracts each decade, at
playback, requires no adjustment,
a voice / forks into mine, ahem,
clearly heard / coarse & distorted

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