Friday, April 10, 2009

The Commune

(after Rimbaud's "L'Orgie Parisienne", and of course after the City of London demonstrations of April 1st)

Cash & oil. Or maybe / barbarians, a glass
not you: geezers, alleys, rats on teeth
orders / avenues / orders / evenings /
a forged city levelled : SAINT SHIT

on the kill zone (or you call it lib-flux?
nah, burn banks, burn sheer, level all
yeh / yeh / dig my radiation, love
you cream, the red-haired bombs & stars

Cash up. Do the dead leper itch
on jurified riff-raff, traditional, like.
You looking for trouble? You certain, legit?
You in the right place. Drones. Piss haggard

into the streets / o dissolving
golden cream, loved-up rat tazers
have more troops, Afghanistan
& spasmic truths inside this night

BOOZE! Squander-lit / intense illicit stupid
fool / antic LUTHERS, wha? lex raf, risible
void of alleys, THEY SHALL NOT PASS
no gesture, no parole inside their glass

poured upside CROWN fess-up cascadant
UP FOR IT / white dog delete on foot porn
DIT sheer! Up for / satellites, spears & teeth
old farts, geezers, mad fuckers, panting, leaking

bourgeois man in a bourgeois town, ya terror
MORE WINE / our torpic shame, our barricade
your windows melt your self dissolve / WANKERS

Nephograms! Votemeal! O magnetic puke
& bank stuff. These spheres piss us off, yeh,
like surface nukes. But still, our so clean hands
of lepers v. the lash / 360 degrees / servitude

or paraquat / the rust on your kill silver
just rose up in judgement? Shame. Insert
lamotrogine, my asphyxiant / howl, love,
with scatological equity, goldened charity

cash up front / what are you up, why you
blood / blood / look at all that blood
such superb sun-boom seizures, such glue

Hello, I’m the police. Like, you know, serious,
like deliver your purse, or I’ll / with your
red courtesans whirling, and our gross kettle
MEANINGLESS. We have no further comment

like a flat-foot choleric dancer, say what
like flac! or then, cream cop-kill heartbeat
like a quantum piss-up / dog porn / satellites
like transparent bridges, & false, stupid streets

Howl, dole-rust, caustic half-dead city
scrape jet / surprise attack on human head
& its millions doors / a gap obliterate
or oh I’m sober now. have rat will

Bah. Just reanimate him. What?
Sorry, I was thinking about my dick
now flex dis / unit verse, livid veins
& clear love rides our glacial hearts

in quarantine / etc so not bad, level
NEG erosion plus. Or what you say
STRICK: astral vampire derangement
greasy blue sky / tomb degree / RAPTORS

Copernican drinkers: each city splits
re-orders, entangled, sealed / is laws
& ulcered lineaments, nets of peev
is LEPER SPIT or as is total SPLENIC

no beauty admit SIR IMMANENCE
on fast money-back statutory impalation
thats right, gawping Hoxton gas-ropes
want in / mass heart panic shield & LEER

but lets pretend / our sink infirmaries
or whats your forecast, PAL, cast damned
& burn raze LOVING flagellation, give
some kind of synapse flick, we enclosed

wet social / re-establishment of, what, orgies?
& that in ancient flex. Lies & steal, BANDITS
a glass! GAS delight / wipe mouth graffitoid fuck
its nothing. I’m here. I’m here. My life still here.

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